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God damnit, Ian

I'm Kitty Angel, I'm a writer and a singer. Half of Afterhour Angels. Surrogate mommy to three little sweethearts. Black Veil Brides Army unite<3
Mar 19 '14


OTP meme → FOUR PLACES [1/4] Babylon

Mar 19 '14
Mar 19 '14

"Love takes off mask that we fear we cannot live without and know we cannot live within."

Mar 15 '14

Kurt Hummel Big Bang submission: “Crownless”


Title: Crownless

Author: heyyitslala

Fandom: Glee/Labyrinth

Platform: Kurt Hummel Big Bang

Characters: Kurt Hummel, Rachel Berry, Santana Lopez, Dani, Sarah Williams, Jareth, Hoggle, goblins, inhabitants of the Labyrinth

Pairings: Rachel/OMC, Santana/Dani, Kurt/Jareth. Mentions of past!Jareth/Sarah, past!Kurt/Blaine, past!Kurt/Adam

Genre: Fantasy, crossover

Warnings: Swearing, elements of a mild sexual nature, some frightening fantasy elements, kidnapping, some action scenes, AU past 4x04.

Rating: PG-13?

Summary: Crystal balls and magic spells

The Goblin King his story tells.

The fates deliver another chance:

A beautiful victim of circumstance.

His magic must bring them together,

or he will lose his crown forever.

Word Count: 21,492

Beta: Ryelin (

Artists: n_nanini (livejournal)/goldenslumber (tumblr) and 

chamilet (livejournal and tumblr)

Notes: I don’t have much to say except for a few thank you’s: my awesome artists for being so willing to create for my little mind baby. My beta Ryelin, who has been the sweetest beta ever and such a joy to work with. The mods for being so on top of everything! And my niece, who has been with me every step of the way, helping me out, inspiring me, and letting me try out my ideas on her. We’ve watched Labyrinth about a thousand times throughout the duration of this story, and I couldn’t be happier that we’ve been able to make such fun memories together.

I hope you all enjoy reading Crownless as much as I enjoyed writing it, and remember that my email ( and my tumblr ( are always open for questions, comments, discussions, requests, or anything else!

Happy reading!

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Dec 29 '13

Kurtbastian Round Two 2013 Submission: “Better Than Before”

Title: Better Than Before

Author: heyyitslala

Fandom: Glee

Platform: Kurtbastian Big Bang 2013: Round Two

Characters: Kurt Hummel-Smythe, Elissabeth Hummel-Smythe, Sebastian Hummel-Smythe, Santana Lopez, Dani Lopez, Cameron Lopez, and Anna Contraiyes. Mentions of other Glee members and a few original characters who don’t have too big a part. (There are, in fact, small parts.)

Pairings: Kurt/Sebastian, Santana/Dani, past!Sebastian/Anna, past!Sebastian/OCs. Mentions of Mercedes/Sam and Burt/Carole.

Genre/Category: Mostly slash. Some past!Het.

Warnings: Some adult language (will be warned ahead of time), Minor character death, Some themes of a slash!sexual nature, Hurt/comfort, mentions of past!non-con, Minor character suicide, violence. Basically warned for swearing and talking about scary things that messed everything up.

Summary: Love is life. That said, it stands to reason that loss of love is loss of life, so why the hell is Kurt still alive? When Sebastian disappeared, he took everything but their daughter. Now Kurt is left to raise a little girl and remain a functioning member of society all on his own, and all he has to keep him going is the endless wave of questions. When Sebastian comes back home, can they make it work, or is it over? Will it be better than it was before?

Word Count: 24,540

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Nov 10 '13


no-oh-oh I’m just falling for your pheromones

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Nov 9 '13
Nov 9 '13

Round Two KBB 2013 Fic Info!!

Tidbit #3 (and the final one for now): I choose to reveal the title!

Better Than Before

Nov 8 '13

Round Two KBB 2013 Fic Information!!

Tidbit #2: Today I choose to reveal…

My fic is  daddies!Kurtbastian.

Nov 8 '13

Does anybody have a download link for last night’s Glee? I’m dying here.